A first album to discover

Duo Emry Ghill (composed by singer Emry Ghill and guitarist Amaury Gheysens) released their first album Shadows in 2020. The opus, directed by Silvano Macaluso, reveals itself soul pop folk and explores several shadows the duet invites you to unveil. Their first two singles "Shadow Play" and "Breaking Loose" were broadcast on Belgian radios and abroad and were noticed for their collaborations (Shadow Master Philippe Beau and circus artist Shu Chien Hung). A third single is announced for October 2021. 



15/10 Release of Emry Ghill's new single MOMENT OF CREATION (Radio Edit), remixed by Silvano Macaluso, directed by Maximus Wood and starring fire master Julia Arts (Belgium got talent). Watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel here


31/08 Bel RTL makes us the great pleasure to talk about us. Listen to it here.


30/08 Our track "Breaking Loose" will be in Belgique FM Mix tape CD! Want to support this radio and all the featured artists? Buy your copy here.


20/08 Shooting of our third music video with fellow Maximus Wood and and four new members on the team. A clue? This video is gonna warm you up!


13/08 Music Video Breaking Loose reaches 20k views thanks to you!

06/06 Missed us on BX1? Watch it here.


01/06 Listen to us on La Premiere (RTBF)


30/05 Thanks to Nostalgie for their support.


27/05 We went live with photographer Lemarsant on instagram, watch it here.


18/05 missed our live on instagram with our friend Silvano Macaluso? Watch the video here.


17/05 We just made an interview at Antipode Radio, go and listen to them!


10/05 We talk about us in webzine Divertir.


05/05 Music video of BREAKING LOOSE is finally OUT. 


12/04 Ghill announced that their new single will be a radio version of "Breaking Loose", from their album shadows, remixed by their friend Silvano Macaluso.

03/04 Shooting of the next single's music video, still directed by Maximus Wood and filmed by Jonathan Vandenbosch. A new member joins the team for this occasion... stay tuned guys, you may learn more soon. 


31/01 SHADOW PLAY arrives at 22nd place in the ranking of "the song of the year 2020" on RADIO BELGIQUE FM

08/01 Emry Ghill is the Belgian DH Radio discovery of the week.


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