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A first album to discover

Duo Emry Ghill (composed by singer Emry Ghill and guitarist Amaury Gheysens) released their first album Shadows in 2020. The opus, directed by Silvano Macaluso, reveals itself soul pop folk and explores several shadows the duet invites you to unveil. Their first four singles were broadcast on Belgian radios and abroad and were noticed for their collaborations (Shadow Master Philippe Beau, fire master Julia Arts or dancer Laura Guessan). They also signed the track "Soulever la terre" for Star Academy's teacher Adeline Toniutti released in may 2023 and worked on new materials with her to be discovered soon. Emry collaborated with musician "The Wolf" on September 2023 and a duet with the band "Mady", called "Les memes discours" is OUT. 



24/11 Song "Les memes discours" with band Mady is OUT! Watch it here


7/11 Emry Ghill & Mady announces the release of "Les memes discours" on November 24th.


14/10 "Moving on" is played on LN Radio & Equinoxe FM.


29/09 Release of "Moving on" by The Wolf feat. Emry Ghill. Available on every platform.

29/08 Live on Instagram with Anna Good. 


30/07 Emry Ghill announced a collaboration with musician "The Wolf" and another with the band "Mady".


12/05 Release of the EP "Rousse" by Adeline Toniutti, with the song "Soulever la terre", composed by Emry Ghill. 


01/03 Emry Ghill composed the track "Soulever la terre" for Star Academy's teacher Adeline Toniutti, who will perform it in her show "Tel est mon destin". 

10/01 Because of his myopathy, Emry takes a little break and will return soon. 

02/11 Emry Ghill will perform an acoustic gig for the relaunch of #Ibismusic Belgium at IBIS OFF GRAND PLACE BRUSSELS with Silvano Macaluso, Anna Good and Mady as a first part.

28/09 Interview on RCF Touraine


17/09-18/09 Emry will attend the first international symposium about voice with his vocal coach Adeline Toniutti


10/09 Live at Fleurus (journee du patrimoine)


04/06 Live at Soignies (La Pentecote 2022)

25/05 Interview at FRANCE BLEU Touraine

19/04 "LUNATIQUE" will premiere on the 19th of April at 8pm on Youtube! be there guys!


01/04 No jokes today, Emry Ghill is shooting their fourth music video "Lunatique", remixed by fellow Silvano Macaluso, directed by friend Maximus Wood and starring dancer Laura Guessan. To be released on April 20th!


13/03 Sud Radio invites Emry Ghill each day this week, listen the podcasts here


24/01 Moment of Creation reaches 23k views! Thanks everyone!


25/12 Emry & Amaury whish you a merry xmas, here


29/11 Pulse Air Radio Bxl talks about us, you'll find the podcast here.


18/11 Join Emry Ghill & Julia Arts for a live session on instagram.


29/10 Listen to Emry Ghill on Nostalgie Belgium!


26/10 Divertir writes an article on Moment of Creation, read it here.


15/10 Release of Emry Ghill's new single MOMENT OF CREATION (Radio Edit), remixed by Silvano Macaluso, directed by Maximus Wood and starring fire master Julia Arts (Belgium got talent). Watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel here


31/08 Bel RTL makes us the great pleasure to talk about us. Listen to it here.

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