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Amaury Gheysens (Born 15 January 1985) is a Belgian guitarist and songwriter. 


Amaury was born in Brussels, Belgium, where he grows up with his brother. 


At 10, he starts guitar lessons with his friend Shaka (from the band SHAKA Y DRES) and mainly plays french repertoire with him. 


At 12, he goes further learning classical guitar for six years in an academy of music in Brussels and develops new techniques.


At 16, he discovers rock and metal music, which mainly influences him in his career and encourages him to join a band of metal covers at 17. 


In the meantime, he composes several tracks for the band which finally splits before he could do anything with his own material. For years he keeps on playing without having real projects until he is invited to join a pretty much different cover band with a friend, coping with English and french pop rock music. The band’s former singer gets pregnant and is to be replaced by Amaury’s new acquaintance, Emmanuel (aka EMRY GHILL) to form the cover band bliss. 


Eventually, Amaury and Emmanuel become best friends and decide to leave the band to work as a duet on the later’s own compositions, which marks a turning point in Amaury’s musical influences. Amaury signs the instrumentals of "Moment Of Creation", "From My Own Hell" and cowrites "Lunatique" in their first opus "Shadows".


Along with metal music, Amaury finds inspiration through the works of Andy Mckee, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash, Jimmy Hendrix, Neil Young...

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