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01. Shadow Play

©2020 E. Ghill


For tonight I'm just a kid projecting shapes on a screen

A wolf guzzling red riding hood and a busted violin

Next I'm the head of a state but too lazy to think

I'm an old man catching a wink


Now I'm a teenage girl dating Justin in her dreams

I put a ball of wool in my bra pretending my boobs are real

I'm a primal gorilla proving its might in the ring

And doc said I was insane


My life is a shadow play

that's between me myself and I

so many faces I love to display

morphing in a blink of an eye


I'm a dangerous psycho fan of the scary movie series

I'm a preacher and a hooker, an alcoholic who can't quit

I'm a cloistered geek behind his comp and the hero of his game

I'm a male and a female at the same time




Jekyll and Hide

Bonnie and Clyde

The groom and the bride

I'm never the same

Coz I'm more than

the two sides of lame


Me, myself and he and she and you in I




I'm a bird, I'm a tool a fruit of anything

Inventing lives on a projection screen


Me, myself and he and she and you in I



02. Undead

©2020 E. Ghill


Rambling in the dark and she looks my way

Rush into the fire flickering in her eyes

Cannot hide the desire, cannot but betray

The stiffness of my body before my demise


Wrapped in the fragrance of her pastel skin

Chilled by the wintry touch of her hands

Her lips and her bites sway right under my chin

Let poison run into my veins


The gaze is kind of blurred

I'm misled

She made me one of hers

I'm undead


She keenly sucks my life out in a night

Makes her rise and makes me wince at the time

When the clouds fade in the morning light

She leaves me lost in my delirium





03. Everything is Gone

©2020 E. Ghill



I was lost

Daily, I convinced myself

That I didn't do enough



Living lies

Couldn't tell what was wrong from true

I'm going away from you

I'm going away from you


But I won't crawl back, crawl back when

You will never understand

Crawl back and crawl back when

You bring things to an end

Crawl back and crawl back when

Everything is gone

Everything is gone



It's all in past

Though all my memories are fresh

I'm giving my heart rest

And I’m jumping out of the nest


Chorus x2



04. Lunatique

©2020 E. Ghill/A.Gheysens


La lune est blonde et vagabonde au-dessus de nos toits

Etrange monde qu'elle inonde sous ses eclats


La lune est rousse et se fait douce sur ton sofa

File a ses trousses si elle rebrousse le pas


Mais elle n'en reste pas moins lunatique,



La lune est brune et sa rancune ne se tamise pas

De ses tribunes ton infortune elle convoitera


Mais elle n'en reste pas moins lunatique


Mal lunee mais pas moins lunatique




05. What Her Hands Head For

©2020 E. Ghill


Look, she ain't wanna play along with the rules

Deep inside she thinks about sailing different seas

She's able to rely on choices of her own

And they can't always turn out to be according to plan


In her dreams she escapes with her lady lover

In her mind it became an incredible aim

Their bodies' sweating hard when they're put together

Remains the only thing she will forever claim


She is looking for this wave in her chest

Other wonders to explore

It has always made her fantasize, this weird fever,

This is what her hands will keep on heading for.


No, this is not a curse cast by an evil eye

If no man can pretend to be her favorite pie

Adding spices to her nights ain’t no disaster

To see it as a reason to turn your backs on her


So she'll go to enjoy this different taste

And she'll definitely get a real kick out of it

She'll just be true to herself and won't have wasted

Her life and everything that she believed in




Past the belt

Lies in her hands

What's coming next

She just needs some protection

Desire and consummation

Ain't no wreck as it breeds her vision of elevation


Chorus (x2)



06. From My Own Hell

©2020 A. Gheysens/E.Ghill


Close the door

I can't speak anymore

Outside, everything standing still

Like an empty field

On my knees, I'm diving into deep

bending beneath the weight of my burning body


Is that a human trap

where my soul has collapsed

to make me feel things I can't tell?

Take off this coat of ice

so that I can cry out

when I can't find a way back from my own hell?


It's a long road

that I have followed

although I may have run so fast

that i've messed up my mind

Somebody please could help me to release

me from this frame that doesn't suit

this picture of mine?


Chorus (x2)


... until you show me where the sun points out to be



07. If I

©2020 E. Ghill


Barely can hear my thoughts

through the ringing of your voice,

even when I sink in the city silent streets.


Can't help but reminisce

pieces of what we've shared,

Now that you're gone

I hope you found what you've been longing for.


Maybe I'll try

to replace you in vain

Maybe I'll find

how to seize every day

What if you truly need me

and I forget you now?


As you wormed yourself in

You've left a hole inside

And now that you're gone

I still feel this place where you used to reside


What if I lie

Saying I've started over

What if I fly

To a better place to stay

What If I just get away

Will you forget me now?


I don't know how to fight 

this feeling that I get when I miss you

I don't know how to fight 

this feeling that I get when I need you


Chorus b


What if I die

Living alone

What if I end

Hanged to my memories

What If I just get away

Will you recall me now?

Will I forget you now?



08. Take Me Away

©2020 E. Ghill


Can't stand up without you cause

you're the right leg, i'm the left

If i ain't got your ears to listen

i'm unconditionally deaf

I can't hold without cause 

you're the shoulder that i need

If I ain't got your eyes right in my face

ain't anything for me to see


I am stuck to you brother,

Yes, we're just one and the same

And I'm stronger when we're together

for i'm twice the man I am

Don't give up on me brother

or i'll fall along the way

And if one day or another 

You feel that you cannot stay

Take me away...


Though i've tried to get a life

and dislodge you from my brain

You put rhythm into my heart

and a future in my hands

So giving you up, or splitting you up

is a pointless surgery

We get a bigger jam when you're there

To take out all the music inside me




If you go there's no track that I can keep

so please take me away

If you go there's no sound that I can clear

so take me away

If you fo there's no air that I can feel

So take me away

If you go there's no song that I sing

so take me away


Take me away...



09. Moment of Creation

©2020 A.Gheysens/E.Ghill


As the early morning frost

Disappear into thin air

Awaken by this shimmering light

And this song in my head


Flashes of the road so far

Til the time when you got me

Make up my life from the start

For something new


Oh you're my joy

My imagination

Free my mind from yesterday


Curled up in front of the fire

The cold will never get me

Strumming the chords of my guitar



You're spinning like a satellite

Watching over my world

You build some planets in my skies

For new destinations


Oh you're my joy

My imagination

Lead my mind to better days


Free my mind from yesterday

Lead my mind to better days


Every silence is a clue

To a moment of creation

For what it is we wanna do

Without explanation



10. Gotta Mend

 ©2020 E. Ghill


Old time crystalized in a lonesome tear

A kaleidoscope of mixed up memories

Leaving on my face the salty injuries

Of what is left behind and what is to fear


You were my friend

I gotta mend


Sat by a window of this aimless train

I can't recognize my beloved land

I try to reach out the exit to find

If anything can bloom where all's already ruined.




Time will be passing by, 

the biggest cracks won't be erased

but i will let your ghosts be swept by the wind

I will hit the road again

For a better time and space

No need to settle down 

when I ain't got anything


Chorus (x2)



11. Ain't Nothing Like You

 ©2020 E. Ghill


It's funny how I got there

thinking that you cared

made it easier to squeeze me dry

and cast my peel aside


Took my scarf to mop your snags up

tipped your sorrows in my cup

but once you needn't show at my door

I don't exist anymore

like a smothered face under your pillow


How can you say I set you down

When you used me and fooled me?

How could I mess things all around

When I minded everything?

Now you leave me rotting on the ground

I figure it out, I ain't nothing like you


You played with bits of my bones

But I'm not made of stone

Pieces scattered by the storm

I can fix it on my own

You won't lift a finger after all


How can you say I set you down

When you screwed me and spoiled me?

How could I mess things all around

When I sucked up everything?

Now you leave me rotting on the ground

To please you, amuse you

You can make me the one to be wrong

I figure it out, I'm much more than you


And I am the one to let you down

You don't get me, deserve me

I let you mess your things around

Coz I just wanna get up

Now I'm rising myself from the ground

Nothing will ever stop me

And I shall thank you for all of what you've done

Coz I figured it out


Chorus c


I figured it out, I ain't nothing like you



12. Another Season

 ©2020 E. Ghill


Red leaves lay on the ground

Snow is still falling down

Watching people going home

Evening's coming by the avenue

Town's skies are turning red

Sunrise is creeping in my bed


I'm feeling lost and at home

doesn't matter if i'm alone

I'll paint a world to shut me up

To mess around and soothe me down

In my reveries of another season


Time has just stop running

there's no future that I can believe in

I'm staring at the gold sun

smiling to the silver moon

guess i'm breathing as i've always done

and now my day's fading into gloom





13. Breaking Loose

 ©2020 E. Ghill


Mom, I woke up today to notice

I'm not a child anymore

Look, my reflection in the mirror

Seems not mine but his

Do you know that jerk in front of me?

I'm not sure that I turned into what I hope to be.


I wanted to be like superman

But I'm just working for bureaucracy

I wished to be a dad and happy

I got two kids on my own who are just driving me mad

Guess there're things that I can be proud of

But I never felt this stuff that everyone calls love.


It's time to give up and drive away

It's not too late to stray

It's time to climb high in a toddy palm

To reach my cloudy dreams

It's now that I feel like I can fly

I'm just breaking loose and give me a new try


After ten shots of tequila I'm calling

The woman of my dreams

Said hey babe, know you're single so do you wanna go out tonight?

I'm taking a new start

I'm gonna tell my fucking boss that I quit

Wanna be a movie star and I'll do anything for it




Hey relax max,

Ain't no caterpillar tracks

It's time to give up

To have a stirrup cup

It's time to stray

Ain't no need to delay

Coz it's never too late

You don't live to regret

I'm gonna be unwed again

Gonna release me from this pain

Find what's thing called love

If there's a God above

Gonna call Woody, Tim and Francis

Shoot a film in Paris

Coz it's never too late

And it's about time...




It's time that I felt like I can fly

I'm just breaking loose and give me a new try



14. These Things Could Happen

 ©2020 E. Ghill


See, victory shine on this battlefield

shadows took off your feet

Life is splashing colours onto your cheeks

echoes end in melodies


heartaches, illness, rumours, loss and deceit 

Can injure and make you weak

Black and white regrets won't even beat it

Sometimes you have to admit


These things could happen

These things could happen


Wounds and flaws are part of every story

And it shapes who you are

There's no shame to have in being the freak

For what you learn may bring you far


You've reached the point of an open ending

Talked them down and stopped whining

Pick up the dreams you left on the floor

There is nothing to wait for


These things could happen

These things could happen


Go where you wanna go


These things could happen

These things could happen


©2022 Emry Ghill Recording. All Rights Reserved.

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